My clematis tries again


Back in May I posted a photo of a flower from the clematis that grows up through the wisteria on the rear elevation of my house.  Soon after that, the last bloom faded and the thick leaf cover of the wisteria overwhelmed the vine so it wasn’t to be seen again until next Spring; or so I thought!  But now, three months later, a single clematis flower has appeared, poking through the wisteria leaves high up on the wall.  One last showing before Autumn overtakes it.

The very hungry caterpillars


I read the book to my children enough when they were very young, I ought to remember.  Every now and again I try to grow some leafy vegetables in our garden.  But being unwilling to use insecticide sprays, it’s usually a forlorn hope.  These are the little blighters that are currently reducing my curly kale plants to skeletons.

I suppose I shouldn’t grumble, I should just call my small vegetable patch a “wildlife garden” and leave it at that.



Part of a flock of about thirty house sparrows that live in our garden.  They sit on top of the hedge most of the day when it’s not raining and inside the hedge when it is raining or at night.  The longest flight they make: about four metres to the bird table or lawn underneath it, eating the seed we provide.  Judging by the constant chirping, they are quite happy filling the rest of their time with sparrow socialising.  Their only break in this routine is the panic-induced dive into the hedge during the daily visit from our neighbourhood sparrowhawk as it flashes through the garden at high speed, reducing the sparrow numbers by one every now and again.  And that will be their whole life until the breeding season starts next March / April.