Early morning in Tickhill


For once I managed to get up good and early this morning so celebrated by driving out to Tickhill to have a look at the mill pond before sun up.  Unfortunately, a bank of cloud on the eastern horizon spoiled what promised to be a good sunrise with still conditions and mist in patches over the fields.  Never mind, maybe next time.

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Budby South Forest


I’ve written about Budby South Forest several times before.  It’s a former army training area that is now managed as a nature reserve because it’s one of the few sections of Sherwood Forest that still survives in a condition that is similar to how Robin Hood would have known it.  As a royal hunting forest, there would have been far fewer trees than most people expect and the dry sandy soil would have been mostly heathland with a smattering of oak, scots pine and birch trees.


Saturday saw cool overcast conditions with a steady drizzle, ideal for a bit of fungus photography so I donned waterproof over-trousers and a cagoule, grabbed my brolly and drove out to explore.  Strangely, the weather front that brought the rain must have ended at Worksop because in the ten mile drive south to Budby, the temperature rose by 5 degrees (Celsius) and the rain stopped.  The forest was bone dry and I was lumbered with a brolly and waterproofs that I just didn’t need.  But the show of fungus was still good so carrying the extra gear was soon forgotten.

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My clematis tries again


Back in May I posted a photo of a flower from the clematis that grows up through the wisteria on the rear elevation of my house.  Soon after that, the last bloom faded and the thick leaf cover of the wisteria overwhelmed the vine so it wasn’t to be seen again until next Spring; or so I thought!  But now, three months later, a single clematis flower has appeared, poking through the wisteria leaves high up on the wall.  One last showing before Autumn overtakes it.