Turning Pro


Image-01-3As we arrived in Canterbury by train, the heavens opened and it was a quick dash into the nearby “Goods Yard” market created from an old railway goods shed.  While Julie and my friends were busy looking at the contents of the stalls, my attention was focused on the building which fascinated me.  I wasn’t the only one either as I noticed a pro photographer (at least he had professional camera gear) walking around taking shots as well.  I had to smile as his assistant (who may have been his wife) looked bored out of her mind as she stood there holding his camera bag while he looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Later I got my chance to be a pro photographer myself (well almost).  I was taking a shot along a barrel-vaulted soffit under an overhanging building when a couple of people walked under.  A joke about saying cheese ensued and soon there were five of them around and I had offered to take their photo and email it to them when I got home.  After the shot, as I shook hands with the gentleman he slipped a bank note into my hand and an uncomfortable minute then passed as I endeavoured to persuade him to take it back.  Eventually my protestation that I was most definitely an amateur photographer won him over.  It certainly put a smile on my face for the rest of our visit though.



10 thoughts on “Turning Pro

    1. James Corner Post author

      We didn’t eat but stopped to have a very enjoyable cup of coffee. There were some interesting stalls as well; my favourite was in the bottom corner as it sold craft beers! :-)

  1. Marie Keates

    That looks like an amazing place to hold a market. It makes me wish I could get inside the old carriage works in Eastleigh. You photos are certainly of the right standard to be mistaken for a professional.

    1. James Corner Post author

      Thanks Marie. I find old industrial buildings, such as railway sheds, so interesting. Wherever it’s feasible, I prefer to see them “re-purposed” (is that a real word?) rather than just demolished in the name of progress. In a few weeks time I’m going to an event in The Roundhouse in Derby where they used to turn locomotives on a giant turntable. I’m really looking forward to it.

      1. Marie Keates

        Yesterday I bisited an old flour mill turned into a mini shopping centre. It’s good that it has stayed open but I wish there was more information about what it used to be like.

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