Comet Lovejoy


I’ve never photographed a comet before and with a clear sky last night, I just had to get out into the garden to try my luck with Comet Lovejoy.  Unfortunately there was too much light pollution and exposures with settings suitable to show the fine detail such as the tail, came out completely swamped.  But I did get an image or two that showed the comet as a small green blob; not very impressive but hey ho, that’s the penalty you pay for living in the middle of a crowded country like England.

Have a look at the image above and find the star cluster above and to the left of the middle, that’s the Pleiades.  Now look for a green blob below the middle and to the right, further from the edge than the star cluster.  It looks just a bit bigger than a star and slightly fuzzy.  Well there you are, a far from impressive image of Comet Lovejoy.


6 thoughts on “Comet Lovejoy

    1. James Corner Post author

      I’ve read a few on-line tutorials and it seems that an in-depth knowledge of Photoshop is the most important requirement Allen. So I’m afraid it’s likely that it will always be beyond me.

  1. Marie Keates

    You did better then my son and I. We spent as long as we could stand out in the icy cold peering at the sky with my iPad app trying to find it. We found the Pleiades (I knew where they were anyway) but we couldn’t see the comet. I guess there is even more light pollution here in the city though so I’m not surprised really, just disappointed. When I was on a mountain in Turkey looking at the sky with no light pollution at all I couldn’t believe how many stars there are that I never see.

    1. James Corner Post author

      I grumbled about the light pollution in north Nottinghamshire but Worksop is a small town, so it isn’t going to be anywhere near as bad as a big city like Southampton. The times I’ve been to areas with no light pollution it has been in the far north where clear skies are quite rare. I’d love to go to desert regions where you can see the sky in it’s full glory.


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