Castlerigg stone circle with the Helvellyn range in the background.  I’ve just come back from a couple of days in the Lake District when I only took this single photo and the thirty metre walk to get it was by far my longest walk.  How come?  Well I was hobbling around, wincing at every footstep and with a hot-water bottle permanently strapped to my lower back.  Yes, I’ve done something to my back and I’m feeling very sorry for myself.  I hope you enjoy the view.  Me, I’m going to spend the next day or two sulking big time.


16 thoughts on “Castlerigg

      1. New Hampshire Garden Solutions

        Yes, a backache can be downright disabling. Two of the things that help me most are walking at least a mile each day, backache or no, and a cream that we have here which is called “icy hot.” Walking through a backache isn’t easy but they go away much quicker when I do, and the cream helps take my mind of it for awhile.
        I hope yours goes away soon. Take it easy!

      2. James Corner Post author

        I bought some heat patches; air-activated adhesive warming rectangles to stick on the affected area. Only problem was, the adhesive must be the same as that on sticking plasters (to which I’m allergic) and at night when I removed the patch it took a layer of skin with it, so now I have a rectangular patch of sore red skin to go with the aches and pains.

        But I’ll mend in time and then it will all be forgotten I’m sure.

    1. James Corner Post author

      Thanks James. It’s hard to imagine a better location for the circle with a splendid view in all directions. The only “problem” is that it is so accessible and therefore very busy. I was chatting to a pro photographer there for a shoot and he said he once camped out to get nighttime shots and people were turning up for a visit even in the early hours of the morning.

      1. smackedpentax

        I have visited it several times myself and have never got a shot without anyone else there…which is why I like the more obscure circles…just as beautiful in their own way..and quiet too!

  1. An Embarrassment of Freedom

    Hope you are well soon. I used ( in the house)a special car seat pad with heat and massage features when my sciatica was a problem. I got it at the medical supply/health gadgets store here in Canada…took about a week to feel better.

  2. Marie Keates

    Sorry to hear about your back. As I’m a little behind with my reading I’m hoping it’s better by now. The photo was worth the pain for those monochrome skies if nothing else.

    1. James Corner Post author

      Thanks Marie. Ten days on from first hurting my back and I’m still in pain but much more mobile. So basically I’m better. After all, a bit of pain never hurt anyone. :-)


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