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Eclipse of the sun


The weather was kind to me for the eclipse today; cloudy enough to make direct photography possible but not too cloudy as to completely obscure the sun (well not all the time at least).  What a show nature puts on for us every once in a while.

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Blood moon

One evening in Extremadura the full moon rose with a distinct reddish colouration, caused by haze in the atmosphere I thought.  I took a photo while it was still low in the sky and put the camera away thinking no more of it.  Post processing on my return I “corrected” the white balance to make it a neutral grey to look more natural.  Later I heard about the eclipse and everyone talking about the resultant “blood moon”.  That’s not what was happening here (the timing was wrong) but I went back and reprocessed my image to return to the original setting, after all that was what I really saw.  Now I can’t make up my mind which I prefer.

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