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Kissing Stones


I completed my first ascent of a “Hewitt” (Hills of England, Wales and Ireland over Two Thousand feet) of the year yesterday.  I only had the afternoon so I needed a short and easy climb on a hill that didn’t require a long drive to reach and Bleaklow Head in Derbyshire’s Dark Peak area fit the bill perfectly as it was only just over an hours drive from my home and starting from the Snake Pass road, was a climb of just over a hundred metres in a walk of eight kilometres round; easy peasy!

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Walking England’s Hewitts


Cairns beside the Pennine Way, Fountains Fell

Back in May my wife Julie made the decision to retire.  We had done the maths and calculated that by tightening our belts a bit we could get by quite comfortably on her pensions, a bit of supply-teaching income and the small income I got from my business (which I had been winding down for a couple of years).  So she gave the necessary notice to her employer and we started making serious plans for the long distance walks we were going to do together.  Now Julie isn’t a hill climber as her asthma is too severe but walks on the flat are fine so first on our list was the Cheshire Ring, a 100 mile circular walk on canal towpaths (no hills).  We were really looking forward to it.  Unfortunately life is rarely simple …

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